Client of the Month

Here at Pro Fitness, we take pride in all the successes of our clients; in YOUR achievements!  As a small way of showing that appreciation we have decided to feature one of you every month for your dedication, hard work, and eagerness to push through and conquer your goals…

These are our winners…

January 2018


Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Mark Mariucci this month!  Congratulations from staff and friends at Pro Fitness!

It seems like only yesterday to Mark, but four years ago this spring he began his journey toward a healthier life at Pro Fitness.

Mark had good intentions but often lacked motivation. “Using a personal trainer gives me the motivation but also makes sure I am doing the correct things and not injuring my body. I originally stopped in because we thought my dad could benefit from this place, but I immediately knew I was going to join and start with a trainer.  Such a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.”

Mark’s initial goals were to improve mobility and lose some weight. He also had knee problems that made it difficult to do the things he loved, especially photography.  “When I would go for a long walk or basically overdue anything, I would then have problems walking or using stairs for one or two days. Personal training has given me greater mobility.  I am doing things I avoided previously and enjoying life more, including going out shooting photography of events.  I am stronger overall and feel better with more energy.  Some of that energy and feeling better is directly connected with my recent weight loss and better control of my diabetes through diet and exercise.”

Going forward, Mark would like to finish losing the rest of the spare tire around his waist and continue building lean muscle on his upper and lower body.  “I have this heavy video rig that I want to be able to shoot with effortlessly.  Right now I can go about 15 minutes with it.”

“Once I started training I realized this was going to be a slow process. I also didn’t really believe I would be able to change my diet enough, long term, to reach my goals.  I know now that I can achieve the goals.  I just have to stick with it and believe in myself.”

November 2017

Anita November 2017 COTM


Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Anita Destiche this month!  Congratulations from staff and friends at Pro Fitness!

After thinking about personal training for 25 years, Anita decided she was ready to become stronger and more physically fit.  She hoped this would allow her to spend more time dancing and eliminate the need for medication. “I’d also like to look nice for pictures at my Granddaughter’s wedding.”

It’s been 16 months since Anita began training with Lisa and people are noticing.  “I’m getting compliments, which builds my self esteem, buying new clothes, and I have more energy.”  Personal training keeps Anita disciplined and committed to working toward her fitness goals. “You have to trust the trainer’s knowledge and respect their decisions.  Because of the healthy changes I’ve made, both my personal and public life are better organized!”

 Going forward, Anita would like to lose more weight and be physically active at least 30 minutes a day.  “I’d like to lose another 80 pounds and maybe run or walk a marathon.”

 “Without a trainer, you get no-where on your own.  Trainers are not just training!  They listen, encourage, praise, mentally stimulate you, befriend you, and set a good will example.”

October 2017

                            RICH ZANK

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Rich Zank this month!  Congratulations from staff and friends at Pro Fitness!  Rich’s journey to health, in his own words:

About seven years ago I decided to make a change. I was worried about the possibility of looking for a new job and didn’t want to go to an interview looking “unhealthy”. I got on the scale and was somewhat stunned to see I had hit 240lbs.

I started walking and watching what I ate which started the ball rolling but I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be enough.  Chrystal, who had recently become certified as a personal trainer, told me to start writing down every calorie that I consumed in a day, and don’t cheat!  It was the 2nd best health tip I ever received. When you are standing in line at a store and don’t buy that candy bar or bag of chips because you don’t want to have to write it down, that’s motivation!

The best advice I got was to try group fitness. Chrystal was trying to get me to personal train with her.  I had been walking, biking and even tried P90X in our basement but I just didn’t have the confidence to try training yet. She had just become certified as an Insanity instructor and convinced me to try it. It was the day before Thanksgiving and I tried in my head to come up with every excuse I could, too much traffic, too much to do, etc….but I went.  I wasn’t instantly hooked but I did prove to myself I could do it. I talked Mark Zeratsky into trying it with me to help hold me accountable and now almost 7 years later we still workout several times a week together and we are both hooked. We do a boot camp near our homes in Howard at Bode, where Brian does a great job, and I take every class I can at Pro Fitness.

I now have the confidence to do some personal training, which I like to mix in with the group fitness and love the special events that Pro Fitness offers. The Spartan training we did was the most rewarding and motivating class I have ever been involved with. The trainers at Pro Fitness do an incredible job of making every workout seem tailored to your level. You can always amp it up or modify if you need to work around and injury or some other obstacle. The other clients are what keeps me wanting to come back!  They make it fun, they make it hard, and they make it the fastest hour of my day and one I’d hate to miss.

I’d like to thank Doug, my wife Chrystal and the entire Pro Fitness team for not making this a diet, but rather 60lbs. later, a life style change.

September 2017

                      GARY AMBROSIUS

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Gary Ambrosius this month!

Gary started training at Pro Fitness about a year and half ago.  His initial goals were to improve balance, flexibility, mobility, and most important, because of Asthma, Gary wanted to increase his lung capacity.  Gary’s asthma is improving, his balance is getting much better, and he feels a lot better overall.  Amazing accomplishments considering how much his life changed 23 years ago.  Gary’s inspiring story, in his own words:

“My fitness journey began on an icy morning, December 9th, 1994.  I was struck by a truck while attempting to assist people in a van that had rolled over.  I endured a broken right hip, broken left leg, broken ribs, ruptured spleen, and had multiple fractures.  I was confined to a wheel chair until my broken bones healed enough to put weight on them.  Dr. Grace stated if I do it right, he would get me walking again.  Dr. Grace referred me to the CP Center for treatment in their aquatic pool.  The staff at the CP Center was terrific and did a great job in getting my mobility and getting me back walking again.

After I completed my therapy, I did not want to lose mobility, so the staff at the CP Center referred me to the YMCA.  It was there during a class that I noticed a group of runners on the track above.  They invited me to join them and my running took off from there.  It was after I started running that I was diagnosed with Asthma.  Just another obstacle to overcome in my fitness journey.

I continued taking classes at the Y and some time ago, I took a class that Chrystal was leading.  After class we got talking and she invited me to stop over at Pro Fitness and try one of her classes there.  After some thought, I decided to take her up on the offer.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Her first class was kind of tough but I survived.  The people I have met and friendships I made have made Pro Fitness a dynamic place to work out. I have also done personal training at Pro Fitness and will be signing up for additional personal training sessions this fall and winter.  The staff is great and has been so helpful in keeping me motivated.

I would like to thank the staff at Pro Fitness for all their help in keeping me on track and everyone will know I am there when you all hear Chrystal proclaim “Breathe Gary”.  Thank you so much for all Pro Fitness has done in keeping me focused and on track to reach my health fitness goals.”

August 2017

                      MARK VAN GHEEM

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Mark Van Gheem this month!

Mark’s journey at Pro Fitness began in May after his physical therapist, Dr. Andy Taber, from Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, recommended Mark see a personal trainer to help reduce pain in his hips and lose weight.

Mark signed up with Jason and began training three times a week. In less than three months Mark has lost over 40 pounds and counting! “Training has made me more mobile and I have less pain in my hips.”

Mark also meets with Nutritionist, Alicia Slusarek, every two weeks to discuss diet and lifestyle habits, and incorporate real-life nutrition strategies.  They set weekly goals together, which holds Mark accountable as he works toward his short and long-term goals.

Going forward, Mark would like to continue losing weight and restructure his body mass. “I’m very satisfied with the results so far. Working with a trainer is very helpful and I’d probably lose interest if I wasn’t working with Jason.”

July 2017

                            MIKE JUDGE

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Mike Judge this month!  Mike’s story…in his own words.

I started training with Doug in 1999, in order to build strength, equilibrium, flexibility, and accelerating levels of fitness in the knowledgeable and factual guidance that Doug Van Iten and his team can provide.

I led an aggressively satisfying physical fitness regiment of running, hiking, biking, and weight lifting for about 20 years prior to joining Pro Fitness. Doug found ways to add to the strength and stamina I had enjoyed as a Marathon runner in the New York City Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, and in a number of other athletic challenges and fitness contests.  I also enjoyed encouraging others to experience a fitness goal for the first time in charity races I ran for my local church for many years.

Working with a trainer allowed me to build on those gains I had made and be prepared to take on new and harder fitness challenges. Doug has a personality that encourages his clients to have a can-do attitude.  He knows how to motivate clients to push themselves beyond their self-imposed past limits, and rejoice in the successes gained from that philosophy.  Since I have always shared Doug’s philosophy in life, working with him was a perfect fit for me the past 18 years.

Through the skills and levels of strength, equilibrium, and flexibility I learned, I have been able to add a specially selected list of home fitness routines in addition to my weekly session with Doug. I do 100 pushups and a 2 minute plank each day in my home garage, a low-impact exercise routine 3 x a week, as well as biking and occasional running on weekends.

The outstanding gift of fitness training has helped me not only achieve and keep building on my fitness goals as I have reached my 70th year, but to enjoy the confidence and fun of realistically setting new fitness goals.  Like Doug, I believe that your goals expand when you push yourself – and that the confidence gained keeps pushing you on to be even healthier.  Not a week goes by without Doug sharing some new research or knowledge that helps me understand the body and its potential, and he uses that knowledge to help me in the specific ways that match my own strong goals and match my potential.

Even though I have had numerous sports, health, and other life events that have challenged my fitness goals, Doug was always knowledgeable in helping me work through those interludes and adjust my rehabs at those times realistically through positivity. As a result, I have unlimited confidence that I can achieve the highest possible level of fitness, far beyond what I myself could have ever imagined.  Thank you, Pro Fitness!

June 2017

                          JULIE GREEN

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Julie Green this month!

After deciding she wanted to lose weight and feel healthier overall, Julie contacted Pro Fitness in August, 2016, and scheduled her first appointment with Lisa.

Julie’s initial goals included losing ten to fifteen pounds and firming-up muscle. “In the past year I’ve already lost ten pounds, I’m less tired, and feel better in general.”

Julie knows personal training isn’t only about exercise. Nutritional guidance is a weekly part of Lisa’s wellness plan for Julie. “Going forward I hope to continue improving my eating habits.  I’m also focused on at least maintaining my weight or losing another five to ten pounds.” 

“Lisa is great and I enjoy working with her. Her program works and is worth it!”

May 2017

                          JOAN AMORE

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Joan Amore this month!

Eight hours a day, Joan sits in front of a computer at work.  As the years went by, she began to notice how weak and achy she was getting every time she stood up.  Joan also noticed her weight was slowly creeping up.  “I knew I had to do something.  I would work out off and on but lacked motivation and also felt like I was never sure of what I was doing or if it was even helping me.”

 Joan started training at Pro Fitness about a year ago.  This is where her story takes a bit of a twist.  “I actually won a free training session at a ‘Girls Night Out’ event at the mall.  I wasn’t even sure if I was going to take advantage of it, but figured I had nothing to lose.  I never thought I would like working with a trainer but Lisa showed me exactly how to do things, kept me motivated, and gave me the encouragement I needed!  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

Initially Joan wanted to build up strength and endurance, and lose a few pounds.  “My husband and I also like to bike together and he was always way ahead of me.  I felt like I struggled so much just to keep up, it wasn’t much fun!  So one of my goals was to be able to keep up with him and enjoy the ride!  We have gone out a couple of times now this year and I am amazed at how much easier it is for me to keep up with him!  I am enjoying it so much more! (He is impressed)!”

Going forward, Joan’s strives to continue with a healthy lifestyle, challenge herself a little bit more, make exercise a priority, and be healthy and active for many years to come.  “I have gone from hating exercise to feeling like I NEED to exercise and looking forward to it! I have so much more confidence, energy, and just a much better sense of well-being!  I also find myself being much more aware of what I am eating.  I am overall living a much healthier lifestyle.”

“I just want to thank the staff at Pro Fitness.  From Steve at the front desk who always made me feel so welcome, to all of the staff who made me feel so comfortable from day one!  Everyone there is so friendly.  I especially want to thank Lisa, because I would NEVER be where I am now if it wasn’t for her encouragement and making me fell that I could do things I never thought I would be able to do, or want to do!  Also, Doug, whom I have worked with a few times, and always learned so much from him! I love Pro Fitness!!”

April 2017


Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Leeann Busse this month!

Impressed by another client’s experience training with Chrystal, Leeann was inspired to work on her own health & fitness goals. She and a friend began team training with Chrystal at Pro Fitness in August of 2016.  “I’ve struggled with weight since college and I’ve always known there was an athlete inside.  That athlete needed to come out to be able to play and be active with my children.”

Leeann initially wanted to lose weight, get toned and get in shape.  “I wanted to be able to jump on the trampoline with my kids and not get winded or worry about getting hurt!  A big goal was to someday cross those monkey bars at the gym!  I just did it last week!”

The changes Leeann has made have affected her life well beyond the gym.  “I have so much more energy.  I am taking better care of myself and feel good about it.  The people I’ve met along this journey have been amazing.  It’s given me a whole new outlook and has made me realize the need to be around those kinds of people.”

Going forward, Leeann plans to continue her weight loss journey by staying active and working out at Pro Fitness. “I would love to do something like The Warrior Run or Cellcom 5K.”

 “Chrystal, my workout partner Jennifer, and inspirations Colleen and Clarissa have been HUGE motivators for me.  Jennifer is truly the best workout partner a person could ask for!  Fun but tough!  I started a “group” on Facebook at the start of 2017.  I chose people I knew would be supportive of my journey and have kept them updated on my progress.  People share recipes, meal plans, give encouragement, set weekly challenges, and are amazing!  Back in December I went to Colleen Ducke’s presentation and it had a big impact of me.  One quote she shared stood out and remains in my heart…”Making a lifestyle change can be tough, but you know what’s worse?  Regret.”   I don’t want to regret being an out of shape mom or crabby wife!  I want to be the happy, healthy person I know I can be.”

March 2017


Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Tammy Mocco this month!

Knowing the increased importance of fitness as we age, Tammy decided to set new goals for herself and she thought of a place where she had past success – Pro Fitness!   To achieve her goals, Tammy met with Doug for personal training sessions and also regularly attends group classes at Pro Fitness.  Challenging herself in these workouts has led to great results for Tammy.  She is down 6 sizes, going from a size 12 to a size 6!

When asked how the changes she has made impact her lifestyle, Tammy says, “I have four grandchildren aged 8, 6, 6, and 4, and being able to keep up with them feels great!”  Going forward, Tammy would like to focus on nutrition and would like “to be more aware of what foods I am using to fuel my body.”

I am very thankful to all the staff at Pro Fitness for their support and encouragement through this journey.

February 2017


Pro Fitness is proud to announce that Kirstin Slusarek has been selected as our Client of the Month!

In 1995, Kirstin met Doug while he was giving a presentation at St. Vincent Hospital.  With encouragement from her sister, Amy, Kirstin contacted Doug at Pro Fitness and set up her first personal training session.  She’s been a client ever since and has been training with Cindy for the past three years. “Cindy has really helped me reach my goals and challenge myself to do more.”

Initially Kirstin’s goals were to lose weight and get in shape, but she soon realized that living a healthy lifestyle made everything easier and gave her a lot of additional energy.  “My daughter, Alicia, and Cindy always remind me of the importance of healthy, clean eating, along with personal training.”

Going forward, Kirstin’s main goal is to maintain her healthy lifestyle, but knows it won’t always be easy. “I realize it will take effort and commitment to continue healthy eating and working out three times a week.  I am grateful for the support of my family.  My daughter Maria’s commitment to fitness and my daughter Alicia’s commitment to our totally healthy lifestyle, inspire me to be the best I can be.”

 “Cindy, Doug, Tammy, and the entire staff at Pro Fitness make it an enjoyable, do-able journey.”

January 2017


Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Karla Quick this month!

Karla started her journey at Pro Fitness in January, 2016, after deciding it was time to take her health back.  “I was 20 lbs overweight, felt tired all the time, my hips and knees ached, and I felt mentally foggy.  My physical blood work showed I was pre-diabetic and had high cholesterol.  I walked into Pro Fitness and immediately felt it was the right place for me.  Everyone was very positive, friendly, and the energy just felt right.”

Karla signed up as a member that day and had her first training session with Doug the next week.  “I felt I needed help to get back into shape and needed the push and accountability to continue, even through all the pain it takes to get there.”

Besides personal training with Doug and regular exercise, Karla has made some major changes to her eating habits during the past year.  “I decided to eat a clean and healthy diet.  To me this means eating food that doesn’t have a label or very few ingredients.  I gave up sugar and wheat.  My diet does not contain food with any artificial color, artificial flavor, or preservatives.  I make all of our meals from scratch.”

So far Karla has lost 30 pounds and feels much younger, with more energy and less stress.  Her husband has lost 20 pounds by agreeing to follow her new way of eating.

Karla’s long term goals include staying healthy with regular exercise and never letting her health take the back seat again.  In the short term, she’s already looking forward to warmer weather.  “I want to continue to exercise so that I can look really good in a bikini by the pool this Summer.”

“I am very pleased and grateful for the staff at Pro Fitness, especially Doug, for helping me to obtain my main goal of being healthy again.  You really have nothing if you don’t have your health.  Being a nurse, I see first-hand what can happen if you don’t take care of yourself.”

December 2016


Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on the Bob Le Mieux Family this month.

Bob and his wife, Allison, have been personal training clients at Pro Fitness since the beginning, nearly 20 years!  Bob III and Sophie began training at Pro Fitness to prepare for sports, including baseball for Bob III and skating and softball for Sophie.  Summer and Zachary sometimes work out on their own while Mom & Dad get whipped into shape.

Allison ads, “We started working with trainers at Pro Fitness to help push us through the workouts.  The trainers also know a lot more about exercise than we do.”

While personal training has helped the kids prepare for sports, the entire family has benefited by gaining self esteem and building muscle.

The Le Mieuxs would like to thank all the trainers they’ve had throughout the years.  “We have become healthier as a family because of Pro Fitness!”

November 2016



Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Clarissa Wall.

Clarissa first came to Pro Fitness in January 2016 to take Chrystal’s Bootcamp & HIIT classes. In February, she added personal training to her routine.   Clarissa says, “Having an ACL replacement and meniscus repair took a tremendous toll on my mind and body.  Exercise was always a big part of my life, and after surgery and extensive recovery I was frustrated, over my goal weight, and felt totally out of shape.  I decided to begin training with Chrystal because I loved her sense of humor and her energy. I enjoyed going to her group exercise classes and was finally seeing results toward my fitness and weight loss goals.  I knew if I invested in a weekly personal training appointment it would keep me more accountable in my overall exercise and nutrition, while also helping me reach my goals faster.“

Clarissa’s initial goals were to lose weight & improve her physical fitness.  “I have lost weight and inches.  My clothes fit much better.  I am happier and have more energy.  My meal planning and preparation has changed.  I try to eat healthier and cleaner.  Much of my weekly meal prepping is done on Sunday.  I have found if I have things ready to go and don’t have to think, it is much easier to make healthier choices.”

Another bonus, Clarissa says, “My running pace has become faster as well. In October, I ran the Bellin Women’s Half Marathon and improved my time by 19 minutes from the Cellcom Half Marathon I ran in the spring.  I went from a 2hr, 15 minute to a 1hr, 56 minute half marathon.”

Going forward, Clarissa still wants to meet her initial weight loss goal, so group classes, personal training, and clean, healthy eating continue to be in her plans.  Another important goal…”I would love to get my family more on board with healthy eating too!“

We really appreciate this additional note from Clarissa:  “Thank you very much to the staff at Pro Fitness for their dedication and hard work.   I am honored by this feature even though sharing it publicly is WAY out of my comfort zone.”

“I also want thank all of my workout friends.  They play such a huge part in keeping me accountable to show up, especially at our early morning workouts when I’d really rather be sleeping!  All of the laughing makes our workouts much more enjoyable!  I appreciate each and every one of you.”

October 2016


Pro Fitness is excited to share another great story of improvement and success!  Congratulations, Michelle Keehan!  You have been selected as our October Client of the Month.

Michelle began training with Lisa at Pro Fitness in April of 2015, to get in shape for a very special occasion – her wedding day!  “One day, I was trying on wedding dresses and could not decide between two.  My sister took a picture of me in both dresses and as soon as she showed me the pictures, I was devastated and immediately became upset.  At that point, I needed a change.  I stopped into Pro Fitness one day and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and trainers.  In 2015, I started training with Lisa and have not regretted it ever since (except when she makes me use the prowler… just kidding)!”

Michelle’s initial goal was to lose weight.  “I felt that I needed someone to push me in order to lose those extra pounds.  I started personal training weekly with Lisa and started taking one of her scheduled classes once a week.  Time after time, I stepped on the scale and my weight would be exactly the same.  However, I soon realized that I was feeling better, had more energy, and my clothes were fitting even better!! I even went back to some of my ‘skinny’ clothes that had been put away in hopes to bring them back out someday. I also couldn’t believe how many coworkers, family and friends noticed the changes!  I realized that it isn’t always about decreasing the number on the scale, it is about being healthy.  I was losing weight, but was also gaining muscle and more importantly gained confidence. “

The changes Michelle made to her lifestyle had an impact on more than just her wedding.

“I didn’t realize how unhealthy I was.  Each year, we get health assessments taken at work and for the past 4 years my cholesterol and BMI was high.  I contributed the cholesterol to “bad genetics” and I would just ignore my BMI because I didn’t want to believe it.  However, since working out and eating healthier, my cholesterol and BMI are in a healthy range and I passed all of my health scores with flying colors!!  Overall, I wake up every morning feeling better and with more energy!  The wedding might be over (and I can’t thank all the trainers enough for helping me feel amazing on such an important day), but working out is fun for me now and the even better benefit is feeling great every day and being healthy!  I continue to keep my schedule, personal training once a week and attending class.  For me, it is about having a schedule that works for me, and going to a gym and a trainer that you enjoy!  Through multiple classes, I have met so many great people and made so many friends who are here for the same reason, to improve their lives.  The atmosphere, trainers, and workout friends are what makes Pro Fitness so unique and enjoyable to come to.”

In closing, Michelle would like to add: “Thank you so much to all the staff at Pro Fitness for all their hard work, dedication, and making Pro Fitness such a great gym!”

We think you’re pretty GREAT too, Michelle!

September 2016


Michael Boyle, Laurie Boyle, and Pete Hoeft have been taking classes together at Pro Fitness for a combined 18 years and counting!  Pro Fitness is proud to announce the trio as our September Clients of the Month.

Laurie began her journey at Pro Fitness while searching for a gym that offered smaller, one-on-one classes, and was the first to sign up more than eight years ago.  Three years later, after finding a place that helped her stay strong and build core & endurance, Laurie convinced Michael to give it a try. ”I was pretty much a couch potato and I guess pretty out of shape.  My initial goal was not to die at the first session.  Following my first ever plank, I laid on the ground and saw stars for quite a while – but I came back.”

Pete was looking for balance in his exercise, playing racquetball exclusively for his workouts. “My wife, Lee, had been working together with Laurie Boyle for some time.  She asked me to join the group one day and I kept coming back!”  That was more than five years ago.  Pete now eats more nutritious foods and can also get into skinny jeans.

Laurie and Pete’s time at Pro Fitness has taught them to eat better, especially with Doug’s weekly nutritional tips.  For Michael, reshaping his body and adding muscle has been beneficial, but has had an even bigger impact.  “I’ve become a runner in the past 3 & ½ years.  I’ve run 30 races from 5K to 10K, even placing in the top three in my age group a number of times.  This month I will compete in my first half marathon!” 

Going forward, Michael hopes to maintain his enthusiasm for the two work-outs per week and continue to be more aware of his health.  Laurie would like to add another work-out to her weekly routine.  Pete’s goals include taking at least 10,000 steps per day and climbing another big mountain in Colorado.

All three agree that working out in a group setting at Pro Fitness is the driving force that keeps them motivated to do the very challenging, but fun classes.  Laurie really enjoys the camaraderie and more personal touch she gets at Pro Fitness. 🙂

August 2016


Pro Fitness has another inspiring and motivating success story to share!  We are very happy to announce that Greg Ponozzo has been selected as our August Client of the Month!

Greg started training at Pro Fitness on January 22, 2016, to get back in shape after healing from knee surgery.  “I blew out my ACL 100% and tore my meniscus, so I had to have an ACL replacement.  Once my knee was healed, I wanted to get back into shape and lose weight the right way, working with a trainer to push me harder.”

Greg’s initial goals were to get in shape, both physically and mentally, and build more self confidence.  In addition to working out with the trainers at Pro Fitness, Greg changed his eating habits.   “Now I’m eating healthier.  I’m more active, have more energy, feel better, and look forward to my next workout.”  He’s already lost 40 pounds!

Going forward, Greg would like to lose another 10-15 pounds and continue toning his muscles.  “I want to show others you can do it with hard work and the right attitude.” 

July 2016


Pro Fitness is proud to announce that Don Cumber has been voted July Client of the Month!  Congratulations, Don!

Don started working out at Pro Fitness in November, 2011, after his wife and Pro Fitness Staff Member, Tammy, gave him a gift of sessions to try working out with a trainer.

Don’s initial goal was to lose some weight and be more fit and healthy.  “I had recently started running and wanted to get better.  The confidence I found through my fitness journey has helped me push myself beyond my comfort zone.  It is a great feeling accomplishing something you never thought possible.”

Check out how much Don’s performance improved at the Chicago Spartan Super in just one year:

2015…Time: 3:10:45…Overall Place: 2,139 out of 5,978 (top 36%)

2016…Time: 2:30:40…Overall Place: 289 out of 4,731 (top 6%)

Going forward, Don plans on pushing himself harder to improve his already impressive race times.  “After completing A Spartan Trifecta, I am looking forward to completing another one next year.  I also plan on continuing to do trail running and to see what other crazy challenges I can come up with!” (Flipping the tire around the building)

Don would like to extend a special thanks to Tammy for getting him started on the road to health and fitness.  He would also like to thank the trainers for their advice and tips that helped him reach his goals.

June 2016


It’s our favorite time again at Pro Fitness!  Sharing another life changing success story with you!  We are proud to announce that Rhonda Davis has been selected as our June Client of the Month!  Rhonda’s story, in her own words:

I began to feel as if a noose was restricting my air.  I began to feel as though I’d rather be dead than live this quality of life another day.  No exaggeration.  To think death as a way out speaks volumes of my thought process at the time.  It was then that I knew I needed to bring my body back into balance. I needed my mental health back more than anything else.  My kids deserved a better mother.  It was 2008, married not even a year when the real estate crash hit.  People were losing jobs left and right and my husband was no exception.  My survival skills kicked into high gear.  I had a 12 year old son to raise and a new baby girl to take care of.  I wasn’t going to allow this crash to affect me, nope – not me.  My pride got the better of me, for years I was a “Real Estate Queen” and I was going to continue that stature.  I was bigger and better than this crash and it was not going to compromise my talent in sales…or so I kept telling myself.  Until… ONE DAY IT DID.  As I struggled through trying to hold strong, putting on a good face day in and day out acting as if all was well, it began to catch up with me.  I went from caring for my son and I on a copious income to caring for 4 people on 1/2 the income but with larger expenses and it became a lofty task to say the least.  Finally realizing I was sacrificing my health far too long I stepped back into Pro Fitness to seek help in putting myself back together again. I really felt like Humpty Dumpty and I WAS BROKEN, I mean not just cracked up – I felt all smashed to tiny little pieces.  I was defeated.  I had created some pretty destructive coping mechanisms so as not to have to deal with many of my issues.  I’ll spare you the details and just say that I knew if I lost some weight and got back to eating healthier that my stress and anxiety would be reduced or better managed and that I might come alive again – but that’s all I knew.   I needed someone to hold me accountable to my goals, and I needed to be reminded of healthy mindful eating habits so I started training with Doug Van Iten.  Doug would say, “all you have to do is show up“.  What a breath of fresh air to hear… after helping to make decisions for other people in my career for 13 years –  you mean all I had to do was show up and somebody else could just tell me what to do.  Phew… what a relief, I thought to myself!!!

Little did I know that working with a trainer would give me so much more than accountability, an education on foods and a break on life for an hour a day.  Yes, my Professional Personal Trainer held me to all of my goals and I lost a lot of weight but what I really gained from working with him was a renewed sense of who I am.  I anticipated a greater level of confidence and a zest for life that I had always had but I did not expect my passion for life to return as if I were 25 years old again.  I did not know I would be brave enough to try out for Roller Derby, or  audition for a play, endure 1/2 marathons or get on stage in a squirrel sized bikini fitness competition.  I did not expect that I’d want to share health and wellness with the World as if it is the only thing that can make and sustain our happiness.  I did not know that I would learn how to eat to fuel my body rather than make it sick with poor food choices.  I did not know that when somebody else believes in you that it helps you to believe in yourself.  I did not know how much passion and respect I would gain for the lifestyle of being fit, strong and healthy.  I did not know I’d want to read, study and research to educate myself further to become even better and to somehow help others.  The changes I’ve made have impacted my lifestyle so much that the pastime activities I desire are no longer sedentary, I prefer to always be exploring, hiking, blading, jogging, etc… or just on some sort of adventure and anything to challenge myself.  Gotta keep it exciting, gotta keep moving, and always be learning – it is up to only us!  My thought process is different, I’ve gained a whole new perspective on life and I’ve returned to an old me that had been buried for so many years.  There is so much more that I’ve gained by developing and nurturing a passion for healthy living but this page isn’t long enough….  So,  I thank Doug for bringing me out of a major slump I was in and for teaching me what life is all about again.  Because he believed in me I began to believe in myself.  Don’t ever underestimate the effect or the power you may have in someones life – you never know who your helping or just how much you are.  I thank all of the great staff and other trainers as well, they’ve all been a part of my journey.

And, thank you to all of the awesome friends I’ve made at the Pro Fitness Family Iron Play Ground – you’ve all been an amazing group of people to be around and I love you all dearly.

May 2016


It’s time again to recognize a Pro Fitness Client who has made a dramatic change toward a healthier lifestyle, and continues to inspire all who know him!  Congratulations, Gary Kaster!  You have been voted Pro Fitness’ May Client of the Month!  Gary’s story, in his own words.

“The year was 2004 and I was 40 years old.  Approximately six months after being diagnosed with cancer, resulting in having a kidney removed, my body was in need of some reconditioning and lifestyle changes.  I knew I was in need of more than just going to a gym.  I needed a trainer and more of a life coach trainer as well.  A neighbor and past client of Pro Fitness recommended I stop and see Doug Van Iten at an upcoming open house he was having.  My initial goals at the time were to start eating healthier and condition my body to a healthier state.

Over 12+ years I’ve made many changes and have trained with many of the awesome trainers at Pro Fitness.  The past few years have been with trainer Cindy Holschuh, which has brought a great balance, physically and mentally, to a continued healthy lifestyle.

Through these years I’ve gone from being winded from a couple of flights of stairs, to learning from Doug that 3 minute miles on a bike is not a suggestion, but an ordinary goal after 20 to 50 mile rides.  I’ve also competed in Duathlons, Century Bike Rides, and Relay ½ Iron Mans.

Pro Fitness has not only brought good lifestyle changes, but also mentally has brought a fresh start to each days unique work challenges, and has made me a better person for what I do.

My goals going forward are to maintain my new healthier body weight and continue to enjoy every sunrise, as I believe each day is a gift most take for granted.

Thank you to all of the trainers who give it their all every day, along with the awesome staff (Tammy and Steve) for taking care of all the extras that keep Pro Fitness the welcoming gym it is.”

April 2016

Colleen Ducke before and after 2016


While we consider all of our clients outstanding, it’s time again to put the spotlight on someone who deserves special recognition for their extraordinary hard work and dedication toward a healthier lifestyle!  Without further delay, we are thrilled to announce that Colleen Ducke has been voted April Client of the Month by Pro Fitness.

Four years ago Colleen started her journey to get healthy when, after yo-yo dieting on and off forever, took a friend’s advice and started training with Chrystal.  Colleen weighed 366 pounds.  “I needed accountability, someone who would not let me quit.   I needed someone who would push me, especially when I didn’t want to be pushed.  I needed Chrystal.  I started training with her and have not looked back.  Chrystal goes above and beyond for me and all of her clients.  I appreciate Chrystal’s patience, her compassion, her humor, her knowledge about health and fitness, and her occasional kicks in the rear and loud reminders to not take the easy way out of anything.  She is a very important part of my journey.”

When Colleen first started training with Chrystal, her initial goals were to lose weight.  Then about 6-12 months into her journey, it all changed. “I knew I needed to change my life, and this time my journey could NOT be just about the weight.  I needed to do everything differently in order to be successful on my journey to health.  So, I started to look at my life.  I looked at my nutrition, my working out, my family, my friends, my job, and everything in between.  I wanted to change my whole life, not just my weight.”  In addition to going back to school and becoming a Life Coach, Colleen has accomplished many goals she set for herself.  “I ran a 5K, bought a bike, rode a bike for the first time in 20 years, and biked 75 miles in one day just because I could.  I finally got brave enough to get in a kayak and paddle around a lake.  I wore a tank top to a class at the gym.  I completed 10 triathlons in 6 weeks and ran the Bellin Run.  I even got up on stage and did a Zumba song with my trainer.  I decided that I need to start living out of my comfort zone.  I encourage my friends and family to do the same thing.  It’s great!  Every day is a new challenge.”

 The changes that Colleen has made have impacted every aspect of her life, including her job and family.  “I am more productive and energized to do my job every day.  I am able to be active and a good role model for my daughter.  I can bike, swim, Zumba, hike, and be active with her now.  I was not able to do those things with her when she was little and growing up.  I regret that.  I don’t have to be a spectator in my own life anymore.”  Changing her eating habits was another huge step for Colleen.  “I lived on fast food and hated to cook.  Now, I hardly ever eat out and love to cook.  I love to try new healthy recipes and every weekend I meal prep for the next week’s meals.”

Going forward, Colleen’s new goals are to continue to inspire other people to want to get healthy.  “I want to help people learn to write goals, accomplish goals, and live outside their comfort zone.  I am also planning on doing a non-traditional Ironman event this summer, trying sky diving, and whitewater rafting.”  One of the biggest challenges for Colleen will be learning to maintain her weight once reaching her goal.  “I love my life and I’m not going back!!”

In closing, Colleen adds:  Thank you for nominating me for Client of the Month at Pro Fitness.  It means a lot to me.  Before weight 366lbs, today 186 lbs.”  Congratulations Colleen from everyone at Pro Fitness!  You are an inspiration.

March 2016

                                                                                            Marty client of month pic


Pro Fitness has another inspiring and motivating success story to share!  We are very happy to announce that Martin (Marty) Johnson has been selected as our March Client of the Month!

Marty initially joined Pro Fitness in 2009 to take part in our Boot Camp classes.  In June 2010, he was offered a free personal training session.  He says, “After that training session was over, I thought I was going to die.”  But Marty decided to stick with it and he has never looked back.

Initially, Marty’s goal was simple – “to improve me!  My knees were buckling, and my belt wasn’t, so something had to happen.  Later, Marty was told by doctors that he needed to lose 40 pounds before he could receive a much needed surgery for arthritis in his hip.  For the past year, that has been Marty’s “Big Goal.”  We are proud to congratulate Marty on recently achieving & surpassing his goal!  With more than 40 pounds lost, his doctors have approved the surgery and scheduling is in the works.  Marty could not be more thrilled, and we are so thrilled for him!

The changes Marty made to reach his goals have made an impact on his lifestyle.  I am more aware of what I eat, how I eat.  I still hate working out, but I hate it a lot less.  I still crave everything, but I eat wiser.”  When Marty does enjoy a treat, he’s “cheating” in much smaller portions these days.

Marty’s future goal is to have the surgery on his hip and recover as quickly as possible.  “I would like to try for another 25 pounds, and maybe learn how to outrun Cindy (his trainer) from “beating me up” so badly during training!” 

Marty also says, The comforting thing for me at Pro Fitness is no matter the client, or what profession a member is, we all see each other at our worst and our best.  With my latest task/goal, I achieved it with the support from all the people here, including staff and clients.  We all have succeeded!”

February 2016
Karen Classon client of mo


We are excited and proud to announce Karen Classon has been selected as our February Client of the Month!

In November of 2012, Karen suffered an unexpected loss when her husband, Stephen, passed away.  About a year later, she realized that she had been masking her pain and sadness with food and wine, and she knew that she needed to take back control of her life.  Karen called a friend for advice and he recommended Pro Fitness.  She followed his advice and became a member in October of 2013.

When she first started at Pro Fitness, Karen’s initial goal was to feel better, have more energy, and surround herself with positive people who would help her heal.  Today, Karen says, “The result has been so much more…I’ve lost weight, I’m fit, and best of all, I’ve met so many great people at Pro Fitness!”  The changes Karen has made have had an impact on more than just the physical.  “I have an attitude of gratitude…for the good experiences in my life. “ 

Going forward. Karen plans to keep up her positive momentum.  “Losing my husband has been a reminder that life is too short.  Whenever possible I like to count my blessings and try to reach out to help other people.”  This year, Karen will be helping out the American Red Cross by competing in the “Dancing With Our Stars” fundraiser event being held in February.  So not only is she training hard with Doug & Omarr at Pro Fitness, she is also spending many hours at the studio, perfecting her dance skills for the big event.  Good luck from all of us at Pro Fitness, Karen!

From all the Trainers & Staff at Pro Fitness, we are so proud of all of your hard work and accomplishments.  You inspire many others with your dedication and positive attitude, and we feel privileged to have you as part of our Pro Fitness family!

January 2016

Sharon january 2016 client of month


As we venture into a new year, Pro Fitness is excited to share another story about one of our amazing clients!  Sharon Savignac has been selected as our January Client of the Month!

Sharon started working out at Pro Fitness almost three years ago after she got tired of hearing herself say, “this year I’m going to get in the best shape of my life,” and then not doing anything differently to make that happen.

Her goals included strengthening her core and becoming a stronger biker after being away from biking for nearly 20 years.  “I knew that only putting more miles on my bike wasn’t going to be enough at my age.  A stronger core was going to help me with bike handling, climbing, and probably endurance.” 

Exercising and eating healthier have become more of an enjoyable part of everyday life for Sharon.  “Working out is not just something I do because it’s supposed to be good for me.  Getting into better biking shape led me to The Bike Hub’s weekly women’s bike ride, something I’ve enjoyed taking part in.”  Sharon also participated in other organized bike rides this past summer.

As Sharon looks ahead at 2016, she’d like to step it up a notch or two with her training.  “I’m hoping to do Race the Lake again this year, in addition to trying one or two other competitive bike races.”  Sharon would also love to get together a team from Pro Fitness to do a mud run together!

“So many of the people (staff and other clients) here have become my good friends.”  We consider you a good friend too, Sharon!  Congratulations!

December 2015

suzette clinet of month dec12 collage


It’s our favorite time again at Pro Fitness!  Sharing another life changing success story with you!  We are proud to announce that Suzette Nguyen has been selected as our December Client of the Month!

Suzette came to Pro Fitness in early June after deciding she was ready to make a change“I had started with a clinic in the area for help and guidance to lose weight.  I had little results which was scary and depressing.”  Despite being very intimidated by a gym and reluctant to call, a friend who personal trains with Doug suggested Suzette contact Pro Fitness and schedule an appointment.  “I met with Doug and it changed my life!”

Suzette didn’t have a specific goal when she started training. “I wanted to feel more energetic and I wanted to feel better about myself, inside and out.  The changes have made me feel so energetic, motivated, exited, HAPPY, and most of all, PROUD OF MYSELF!  I am loving the changes I made.”

Going forward, Suzette’s goals include working on her new lifestyle change.  “I am a work in progress, so I would love to continue to improve my overall health and keep getting more fit.”  Suzette plans to challenge herself by attending boot camp, running, and improving her overall self.

“I am so thankful every time I step foot in the door!  The trainers and staff at Pro Fitness make me feel so welcome.  They have encouraged me from the moment I walked in the door.  The clients and Pro Fitness team make it fun to get up and come to the gym!”

From her trainer, Doug: “Suzette has done a wonderful job by staying focused on her goal and showing consistency with her efforts, both at home and at Pro Fitness.  I’m very proud of her accomplishments thus far and look forward to a great year ahead.”  

November 2015

james before and after nov 2015JAMES HARBAUGH

The start of a new month means another incredible success story to share!  We are so proud to announce that James Harbaugh is our November Client of the Month!

James always felt like the fat kid in elementary and middle school.  He couldn’t do a single sit up. He found Pro Fitness after his doctor told him to lose weight and exercise.  “My inspiration came from the desire to not become unable to do the things I love because of my weight, and I had no idea how to change it on my own.  My initial goals were simply to lose weight and learn how to exercise.”

James started training with Lisa in March at 301 pounds, and was down 50 pounds by the first week of June!  He was thrilled to find out he could have a high protein diet vs high carb.  James’ first attempt to walk a mile on a treadmill took 20 minutes.  On November 1st he ran 10 miles at just over a 10 minute/mile pace, and on October 20th James did 100 push-ups!!

His three main goals: Lose weight…DONE!  Get fit…DONE!  Lower blood pressure and cholesterol…DONE!  From his trainer Lisa: “James works hard, never complains, and never takes credit for all his hard work.  He definitely has put in the time and keeps getting stronger every week. I am so proud of how hard he works, keeps going, and how he sticks to his diet! Way to go James!!”

James has completely changed his diet, cut carbs, and his energy level has drastically increased. Getting healthy has also rekindled his desire to hunt deer with a bow again!

Going forward, James’ goals include reducing his BMI to a healthy level and continuing to increase strength.  As of early November, he has lost a total of 79 pounds!  Congratulations, James!!!

October 2015


Bob LeMieux III

October is here, so we are bringing you another great story of improvement and success.  Unlike some of the other months, October we are showcasing a collegiate athlete who came to us looking to take his game to the next level – and he has done exactly that!  We are proud to announce Bob LeMieux III is our October Client of the Month!

In May of 2014 Bob came to us after his first year playing baseball at St. Norbert College and wanted to improve his athletic performance in the offseason.  To say he “stepped up to the plate” with Trainer Darron’s program would be an understatement – HE KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!  For his program, Bob was looking at 5 days a week of intense training that incorporated functional movements, Olympic lifts, plyometrics, explosive cardio, and strength training all while still enrolled in summer classes, summer baseball season, and a full time schedule working at LeMieux & Sons Toyota.

Over the course of both summers, Bob has been pushed to reach his potential and has established himself as a true workhorse in the weight room.  Committing 5 days a week to training is no easy task, especially with everything else he had going on.  But never once did he complain, make excuses, or give up – and he was able to reap the rewards of his hard work.

Each year he has set and reset new personal records on all four of the core lifts in his program: 1) Deadlifts, 2) Squats, 3) Bench Press, and 4) Hang Cleans.  Just this summer he had an increase of 34%, 40%, 28%, and 27% to those lifts respectively for his 1-Rep Max (the maximum weight that can be lifted 1 successful time).  With those increases he added between 50-120lbs to each lift JUST THIS SUMMER.  In addition to his dramatic strength increases Bob also has knocked 3 tenths of a second off of his 60-yd dash time, giving him another advantage for the coming season.  Last but not least, through improvements in his eating habits he has put on just over 15lbs of Lean Body Mass (MUSCLE!) since he first started working with Darron.

The life of a college athlete lives and dies from the countless hours spent training, practicing, going over and beyond when no eyes are on you.  You need to be willing to do what others are not, you have to be committed to your purpose, and you have to do whatever it takes to keep up with the others aiming to take your spot.  Without a doubt Bob has been up to the challenge and still continues to work in the early hours of the morning and late hours of the evening to be the best he possibly can be on the field, in the classroom, at work, and in his training.

September 2015

Joann Pechacek

Joann Pechacek


You know what time it is, the end of a month brings us another unbelievable story to share with you – and September is no exception!  We are so proud to announce that Joann Pechacek is our September Client of the Month!

Every great story always have an obstacle or adversity to overcome.  That couldn’t be more true for Joann’s journey…

Not too long ago Joann was enjoying her regular life when in the blink of an eye, everything changed.  (A little warning, it is quite an intense story).  While driving home from work one morning, she was sitting in traffic when another vehicle slammed into the rear of her car.  That vehicle was traveling close to 80 MPH when it collided with Joann’s car.  Needless to say, her life changed dramatically that day.

From the accident Joann sustained countless injuries, including 4 which are considered fatal each by themselves.  Those injuries included breaking all of her ribs on the right side of her body (over 30 fractures in them), her lungs were punctured, suffered a brain injury, had a symptom called “hangman’s fracture” of the neck, her T5 vertebrae was fractured in 2 places, and she ruptured her pulmonary artery.  She spent over a month in the hospital and followed that with a year and a half of physical therapy and speech therapy.

During one point in her journey, her doctors told her that the best possible scenario is if she ends up in a nursing home being taken care of for the rest of her life.  That was the best case scenario in their eyes; but she never gave up…

At the end of February Joann came to Pro Fitness looking for help.  Her PT had run out and she knew that she had to keep working or her body wouldn’t fully recover.  After recently moving to the area she decided to train with Darron Lattomus to improve her function and increase her quality of life.  Being that she now has 2 12″ metal rods in her back, 4 titanium plated ribs, and one functioning lung her goals initially were relatively modest compared to most.  But she was bound and determined to improve her cardiovascular system, better her breathing, increase strength to support her body, loosen up her back from all the surgeries, and to put on weightEssentially she wanted her freedom back.

On her very first day she weighed 106lbs and today she is 120lbs.  This summer Joann was able to kayak, hike, go for long walks, travel at will, enjoy anything and everything she wanted to and handled all of life’s curve balls.  She regained the freedom she had lost from the accident.  Going forward she looks to keep building muscle and improving her cardiovascular endurance.  She knows it is an uphill battle, but she is up to the task…

Lastly, Joann wanted to share a few words:

“I cannot thank Darron & Pro Fitness enough for everything they have done for me.  At one point I had a very poor outlook on my future but they have helped me get my life back.  They were so welcoming and have become like an extended family to me.  I can’t stress to you how important it is to work with such a knowledgeable trainer to recover from ANYTHING!  Any person going through a tough time or has any condition  – needs a trainer to make sure you are on the right recovery path.  So thank you to Darron, Pro Fitness, and everyone here who makes it feel like a family.  And never, ever give up.”

PS… Her original doctors from her accident recently checked in with her and told her, “It is nothing short of a miracle seeing you now and hearing of all the things you have been able to accomplish since that day…”

August 2015


Lee & Patty Young

This month we have something special for you all!  For the first time we have Co-Clients of the Month, Lee & Patty Young!  We are proud this husband and wife combo as our August Client(s) of the Month!

Patty was the first of the pair to join the Pro Fitness family over 4 years ago, and not  too long later Lee joined.  Initially coming in to ask about corporate fitness programs, Patty quickly started making strides towards her goals.  She soon found herself enjoying pushing herself in ways she never imagined before (running, jumping, boot camps, etc).  On her own she was a little hesitant in regards towards her workouts and jumped at the chance to train with Cindy when she asked.  Very similarly, Lee began training with Omarr when he had a conversation about what level of fitness, endurance and stamina he wanted to achieve.

Starting out the two had very specific goals for themselves and worked everyday towards them.  Patty was bound and determined to return to her slimmer self and to buy regular – not plus sized – clothes again!  Lee, on the other hand wanted to improve his overall fitness level without being forced into some “weird diet or do a ridiculous amount of stress inducing exercise”.  Together these two have been great examples of what can be accomplished through hard work and commitment to their goals.

The pair has easily broken the century mark on pounds lost and they are close to 120lbs down! Wow.

Patty has found that training has given her a greater sense of accomplishment. Not only has it affected the two in their health & fitness, but it’s also impacted their family life in that they have a stronger common bond in both of their food choices, fitness, and training.  Lee is even feeling at his best again, like he was 15 years ago!

The goals don’t stop here though, the Youngs are re-evaluating their goals and checking more off the list!  In October Lee wants to successfully get the US Team through the 2015 World Fishing Championship. It will be a 72 hr Enduro and he willg have to work real hard knowing he will not going to get time for regular meals.  Luckily his training with Omarr is focused on making him as prepared as possible so that he can rely on his fitness and stamina to get through that.

Lastly, Patty has a special message:

“Not only do I enjoy working with Cindy as my trainer, I also consider her to be really good friend. Her being there, and offering her support has proven very valuable to me”.

July 2015


Kim Giese

Another month, another amazing transformation and story!  We are proud to announce Kim Giese as our July Client of the Month!

At 56 years old, Kim had never even been to a gym and she weighed 204lbs.  She had osteoarthritis in both knees and believed that due to that, all she could do was walk.  Her typical day consisted of going to work, making dinner, and then sitting on the couch to watch TV.  Fast food restaurants were consistent and convenient for her; but if she was to try to lose weight she would turn to prepackaged dinners, which are very high in sodium.

With obesity being predominant in much of her family with most females weighing over 200lbs.  Kim’s grandfather and father both has heart disease and died of strokes.  Her grandmother and both parents also had type II diabetes – it’s safe to say that she has many motivating factors to make her transformation!

Before began a total overhaul of her lifestyle, she was experiencing numbness in her feet and swelling in her legs and ankles.  On the very of type II diabetes herself, Kim decided it was TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!

Now, Kim works out 6-7 days a week alternating between strength training and cardio with her trainer Doug here at Pro Fitness.  She can deadlift 210lbs – WHICH HAPPENS TO BE MORE THAN SHE WEIGHED WHEN SHE FIRST STARTED GOING TO THE GYM!

Another big change is that Kim pays attention to everything she eats daily.  She doesn’t rely on pasta or breads to fill her up and is no longer the self proclaimed sugar-aholic she once as.

So far Kim is down 80lbs, and 10 dress sizes!  Also, she was the 2015 North East Wisconsin Lifestyle Change Award winner for the American Heart Association!

Kim also had a special message:

“Pro Fitness has given me my health back…and that’s priceless! Doug you have not only given me the tools I needed to lose weight and get healthy, you have also given me courage to try new things, confidence, determination and the ability to stand up for what I believe in. Most of all you’ve given me the ability to believe in myself. Thank you for all you have done for me. Now I just want to give back for all I’ve been given and hopefully inspire others to lead a healthier more active lifestyle. Thank you to everyone for all your support, guidance and friendship. It truly means a lot to me”.

June 2015


Patrick Lenihan

It’s our favorite time of the month again; time to crown our newest Client of the Month!  And let me tell you, the month of June was one of our hardest selections yet.  Without further ado here is our June Client of the Month:  Patrick Lenihan!

Way back in December of 2012, Patrick was going through a little rough patch and unfortunately his health was taking a bit of a toll on and some family members as well.  Being concerned for his health, Pat’s Aunt Mary – a long time Pro Fitness Client – approached him and shook him out of his funk, and motivated him to make a change!

When he first started he wasn’t necessarily looking to hit a specific number on the scale or lose a certain amount of inches; what he was most focused on was to regain his mental and physical wellbeing so he wasn’t feeling down or bad every day.   Since beginning his health and fitness journey with Omarr at Pro Fitness Patrick has lost a STARTLING 90LBS and regained control of his life.

Going forward he has every intention to continue with his progress and continue losing weight & inches.

In a special note Patrick wanted to thank his trainer, Omarr, for staying diligent and keeping him on track even when he wasn’t as willing to change.  Lastly, he would like to thank his Aunt Mary for having the courage to confront him about his health because “it is a moment that saved & changed my life”.

May 2015

PicMonkey CollageTina Parins

It was yet again one HECK of a selection process, but we are proud to announce the May Client of the Month is Tina Parins!

Way back in June of 2014, Tina walked through the doors here at Pro Fitness in search of a change.  At the time she wasn’t quite feeling like herself and decided to start working with Darron.  Having a tropical vacation booked for December, she had a vision in her head of how she would look and feel and set out to make it happen.  To say she accomplished those goals doesn’t serve her justice…SHE BLEW THEM OUT OF THE WATER!!  In those few short months she not only became happier & healthier, but she rebuilt the confidence in herself that she deserves.  Here’s a little run down of her accomplishments so far since making to decision to train with Darron:

>   Lost 45lbs!

>   Down 6 Dress Sizes!

>   Decreased her body-fat percent from 38%…to 19%!

>   Her waist alone lost 10″!

>   Went from being unable to run at all to regularly running 7-10 miles 2-3x a week.

>   Completed her first official charity race this past November.

>   Adopted a Paleo eating lifestyle.

Going forward she has no plans of stopping the progress, and every day makes strides towards her new ones.  It is almost impossible to go a day without seeing her here rowing her heart out or showing the punching bag who is boss.  But most of all she is enjoying the Olympic lifting styles Darron is introducing to her and the challenge of building full body strength.  In the future she plans to keep challenging herself in all aspects of her fitness, especially now that she knows ANYTHING is possible with a little (a lot) of hard work and determination.

April 2015

Lee Kuehl

After a long selection process and countless deserving clients we came to the conclusion that our very first Client of the Month is Lee Kuehl.

Lee’s background story has a couple chapters and all of which deserve to be shared to fully grasp how proud we are of his accomplishments.  In 2002 while at work, Lee was involved in an industrial accident when a truck fell off a lift and landed on him.  From this accident his L2 & L3 vertebrae were broken, suffered a spinal injury, and became paralyzed from the knee down.  He was wheelchair bound for 6 months, couldn’t walk, and eventually had his lower leg amputated.

In January of 2014, Lee began training at Pro Fitness with Omarr after a recommendation from his prosthetist, Brent Watzka C.P, who heard of us from a fellow client Mike Pierce.  Initially Lee had the intentions of taking the next step with his physical therapy by beginning a fitness program with us.  After just his first few workouts Lee loved the challenge presented to him by Omarr and his workouts and ceased scheduling therapy.  Since then Lee has lost 25lbs, improved his total body strength, and dramatically increased his cardiovascular endurance.  But most of all he has regained the ability to enjoy camping with friends and family, hiking, and biking.

Going forward Lee is proud, but still has a lot of goals to be checked off his list!  Working with Omarr he plans to continue strengthening his left leg with the ultimate goal to one day be able to run.


If you or someone you know would like to challenge yourself and see results like our Clients of the Month, the first step is always stopping by Pro Fitness or giving us a call at (920) 632-7048.

You never know, next month could have YOUR name on it…