Personal Training

Personal Fitness Training provides the proper guidance and motivation to achieve a higher level of fitness.The best value of having a personal trainer is the encouragement to challenge your body, your mind, and your spirit to achieve YOUR fitness goal.We can help you design and plan the process of change to make your goals a reality!

The key benefit of having a Personal Trainer may be the relationship you develop with the trainer.We would like to establish open communication regarding your current health profile, and develop a plan of action to make changes.This relationship must be built on trust and confidence that each of us will give 100% effort.

Some people sign up for personal training to lose weight, gain strength, prepare for a sporting event (ie. Bellin Run), or just to get rid of the minor aches and pains of getting older! While your reason may be different, our commitment to you is the same. Our one-on-one appointment ensures 100% of our attention, and 100% of your effort. We look forward to every workout with you and celebrate in the victories along the way!

At Pro Fitness you can exercise in our training room, enjoy a walk on our treadmills, join a spin or a fitness interval class, and relax in the dry and wet sauna in each locker room. We hope you find the staff available and friendly, and the atmosphere fun and exciting.